With the ubiquity of sensor technologies and the interest in architecture as a sensate environment, the rolyPOLYGON became a site for personal and communal interaction. 

In this capacity, the stretched membrane holds a system of sensors and actuators that offer a singular or a collective experience. Using its surface tension, flex sensors are woven in to measure push/pull on the membrane. Motion sensors, accelerometers, and microphones create a live environment for the occupant to be self-soothed within their objects as lights and sounds play for them. Conversely, the modules can be networked with each other so that messages or communiques may be transferred from one to another.

Team: Aidan Kim, Gary Polk

Photography by Joseph Giampietro

Developed on the rolyPOLYGON, a collaboration with Andrew John Wit.

Supported by Tyler School of Art, PennDesign