Large-scale material studies into self-enclosing curved folds. 

One result was a large porous object made of curved sheet metal and polyethylene that was self-supporting. Another was a series of pods that emitted atonal musical pitches. As they were brought together and connected via magnets, their tones would begin to average into a melodious chord. 

Team: Kailey O'Farrell, Elton Gjata, Ronli Mak, Mahdieh Hadizadeh Tavoosifard, Jennifer Payne, Chris Hutchinson, Sean Paris-Thompson, Tim van der Hoek, Yves Poitras, Gen Sugiyama, Ryan Cook, Anthony Senini

Supported by the Taylor Seminar, at EVDS, the University of Calgary. Funded by the SSHRC.

Photography by Nicola Yssel Johnson